"WELCOME TO BHAGWANGAD" ||JAY BHAGWAN||'श्री ||संत भगवानबाबा|| ||श्रीक्षेत्र भगवानगड||

*नवीन वर्षाच्या सर्वांना खूप खूप शुभेच्छा*💐💐 *

With the new year knocking on our door, it is time to leave behind the old and usher in the new with good spirit and good cheer. New Year’s Day, which according to the Gregorian calendar falls on January 1, is celebrated across the world with much fervour. People make new resolutions, greet their friends and family and welcome the coming year with good food and great thoughts.

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श्री संत भगवान बाबा पालखी सोहळा

श्री संत भगवान बाबा पालखी सोहळा