"WELCOME TO BHAGWANGAD" ||JAY BHAGWAN||'श्री ||संत भगवानबाबा|| ||श्रीक्षेत्र भगवानगड||


It is a heaven placed in the Pathardi tahsil of Dist. Ahmednagar and on the boundary of Beed District.
It is that heaven placed by the the GOD of the great vanjarians thath is the saint Bhagwanbaba a great person by the help of the lokal peoples of Nagalwadi,Pargaon,Kharwandi,Bharajwadi and other villages around it.

It is a hill station having a largest height placed in the balaghat dongar ranga.. There are various point to catch up having different type of trees animals and birds.
The construction made by the peoples in the time of Bhagwanbaba is great and to be seen. It is totaly made by the elongated stones without other raw material.

Near to it a Shivkalin shiv mandir is lokated in the Nagapur (british era ) ,Nagalwadi known as Kedareshwar temple which is situated in the vallies carrying big forests.

It is 5km away from NH222 divides from kharwandi kasar.

Bhagwangad is the major place of pilgrimage for Vanjaris. Shri saint Bhagwan baba was the prominent saint of the Vanjari community. He was followed by Bhimsinh baba. Currently Namdeo sanap shastri hold the gaddi of Bhagwan baba. Every year around 10 lakh Vanjari gather at bhagwan gad on Dussehara. Shri saint vaman bhau also the prominent saint of Vanjari community and guru of saint bhagwan baba.
Bhagwan Baba was born in a farmers family in Sawargaon, Dist. Beed, Maharashtra, his real name was Abaji. He was a very brilliant child which was evident from the fact that he use to top his class and soon was the apple of the eye, of all his teachers. But since he lived in a small village he could not enjoy the benefits of schooling and had to abandon his studies by the fifth or sixth standard as the school was not available beyond these levels at his village..


  1. Sansthang Pranam to Respected Bhagwan Baba ji & His contribution and sacrifice for the uplifting of common masses.
    Ramdas Narsu Wadkar
    Loni, Ahmednagar

  2. respected sir Goverment resolution 2 june 2021 gramvikas grampancyat and book given to nagarpalika pathardi emails for saving from public covide actully my book is 3500 page but some translated marathi help

  3. विनम्र अभिवादन

  4. Mala Maharaja chi tarikh ghyaychi aahe konashi bolawe lagel



श्री संत भगवान बाबा पालखी सोहळा

श्री संत भगवान बाबा पालखी सोहळा